How to Change the BIOS Battery in a CT-4+/8+

Step 1: Hardware

1. Remove the top plates from the server. There will be 3 screws on the back to remove the exterior plate and then 4 to remove the interior plate. You will be able to see the CR2032 battery on the motherboard.



2. The CR2032 battery can be removed by pushing the small wire with a flathead screwdriver. The new battery can then be pushed into place.



3. Reattach the top plates to the server.


Step 2: BIOS Settings

NOTE: This requires a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to be plugged into the server.

4. Boot the server to the BIOS by powering it on and pressing the “Del” (or “Delete”) key repeatedly.

5. Navigate to “Advanced>Chipset Configuration” in the top menu and sub-menu.

6. Ensure “Primary Graphics Adapter" is set to "Onboard".

7. Ensure "Onboard HD Audio" is set to "Enabled".

8. Ensure "Restore on AC/Power Loss" is set to "Power On".



8. Save the changes and exit the BIOS. The server should boot to Windows.

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