How to Restore a Backup of your Project

How to Restore a Backup of your Project to CasaTunes


Send a backup to your e-mail.

1. In CasaTunes Setup, click on Advanced Settings at the top of the page.

2. Click on Project Information in the right column.

3. Enter a name for your project and your e-mail address.

4. Click on Backup Project.

For more information, see this article: CasaTunes Setup - Backup Project Page


Restore the backup.

On a Windows PC:

1. In CasaSetup, Stop CasaTunes.

2. In Windows File Explorer, copy the attached files in this backup email to \\CASASERVER\CasaRecover

3. In CasaSetup, Start CasaTunes


On a Mac:

1. In CasaSetup, Stop CasaTunes

2. In the Mac Finder, select Go and Connect to Server...

3. Enter smb://CASASERVER/CasaRecover as the smb server

4. Select Registered User and enter CasaUser as the name and select OK

5. Now copy the attached files in this Backup email to the CasaRecover volume

6. In CasaSetup, Start CasaTunes

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