Install failed on 64-bit server


When trying to install or upgrade CasaTunes on a 64 bit server, and the install fails, and one or more of these symptoms occurs.
- Errors in the Install log file that say another version of the product is already installed (typically error code 1605)
- Errors in the Install log file that say a CasaTunes service failed to uninstall (typically error code 1603)
- Error messages when trying to manually uninstall from the Control Panel (If you didn't already try this, don't! It makes the problem worse.)


I. Repair Service Apps
     1. Open Control Panel
     2. Try to repair all of the CasaTunes service apps. (This might not work, but proceed to step II. anyway.)

II. Unregister Services Using Service Control (sc)
     1. Open a command window and run it as Administrator.
     2. Type "sc delete casaupgradesvc"
     3. Type "sc delete casamonitorsvc"
     4. Type "sc delete casatunessvc"

III. Delete CasaTunes Installed Applications
     1. Open Control Panel
     2. Uninstall all CasaTunes applications, except for the service ones.
     3. Repair CasaTunes service applications again.
     4. Uninstall all the CasaTunes service applications.

IV. Delete CasaTunes2 folder
     1. The CasaTunes2 folder is located in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\CasaTools

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    Paul Madera

    Levi -

    You are the best.  Many thanks for your help - and especially thanks for the instructions that i can now use to avoid bothering you and your colleagues.  

    One question - should i be able to update my windows and iTunes, or am I inviting more issues if i do that?  


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