How long does it take to sync iTunes?

Typical Wi-Fi varies quite a bit, but using 30Mb/sec is probably a good average. There are 8 bits per byte, so approx. 4MB/sec. Typical song is about 3MB compressed or about 20MB uncompressed.

So, every 1000 songs takes from 3*1000/4 seconds = 750 seconds, or 12.5 minutes for compressed music, or 20*1000/4 = 5000 seconds, or  1 hr, 23 min, for uncompressed music.

For a wired connection, assuming a decent infrastructure, you cannot expect more than 500Mb/second with 1Gb hardware, which is 500/8 or approx. 62 MB/sec.

For every 1000 songs on wired LAN, it would take from 3*1000/62 = 48 seconds for compressed music or about 5 ½ minutes uncompressed.


So, short answer: 1000 average songs takes from 12 minutes to 1 ½ hrs over Wi-Fi, and less than one minute to 5 ½ minutes over a decent 1GB LAN.

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