How to manually install CasaTunes keypad driver

CasaTunes installs the Keypad Driver software as part of the download.  If, for some reason, you need to install the keypads manually:

  1. Open a command window, and change to the CasaTunes KeypadDrivers folder
  2. Type CD "\Program Files\CasaTools\CasaTunes2\KeypadDrivers"
  3. Run the following command line to install the Keypad Driver

dpinst32 /LM /Path "C:\Program Files\Casatools\CasaTunes2\KeypadDrivers\Keypads\INF"

  1. To uninstall the keypads run the following command line
dpinst32 /LM /U "C:\Program FIles\CasaTools\CasaTunes2\KeypadDrivers\Keypads\INF\mchpcdc.inf"
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