"No Items Available" is displayed when browsing Windows Music

When browsing your Windows Music and the CasaTunes UI displays "No Items Available" then check the following:

  1. Open Windows Media Player on the CasaTunes music server and verify that:
    • The Windows Media Player has been setup
    • Windows Media Player contains music
    • The Windows Media Player version is 10+
  2. Verify the credentials used to install the CasaTunes music server and the credentials used to play music in Windows Media Player are the same
    • If the credentials do not match, you will need to update the credentials used by the CasaTunes Windows Service.  To change the logon credentials for the CasaTunes Windows Service:
    • Open the "Services" applet
    • Stop the "CasaTunes Windows Service"
    • Double-click on the "CasaTunes Windows Service"
    • Select the "Log On" tab
    • Change the credentials to match those used with Windows Media Player, typically these will be same credentials you use to login to your computer
    • Re-start the "CasaTunes Windows Service".
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