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  1. You’ll need to determine which zone is connected to each speaker pair in order to name the rooms accurately.

You can do this by powering the zones on individually and then changing the name to the room where you hear music (recommended).
Alternatively, you’d have to keep track of the zones when plugging them into the CasaTunes server, and then change the room names.

  1. After changing a name, click Save in the top right corner. It's not necessary to adjust the equalization and volume settings, but you can if desired.
  2. If you’re configuring a zone for AVR control, please see this document for more detailed instructions: Multi-Zone A/V Receiver Integration
  3. If you're using the trigger for the amplifier(s), select the number (1-4) corresponding with the output used. For more detailed instructions and hardware setup information, please see this document: CasaTunes Triggers



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